Cardiff Council and Llandaff North Residents' Association have a show garden at the RHS show Cardiff 2012. Afterwards, the garden will be moved to its permanent site in Llandaff North.

17 February 2013

Volunteers needed

Despite the sunny weather today, we had a low turnout of volunteers for our first work session. Therefore we have arranged to hold volunteeer sessions until the work is completed. NB We are unable to plant flowers until the ground had been dug over, so please try and come along. Tools and refreshemnts provided.

Saturdays 2-3pm
Sundays 2-3pm

See you there!

21 January 2013

Snow delays installation

You've probably guessed that the recent snow has prevented further work on the site. Fingers crossed the weather improves soon!

13 January 2013

Installation - day 2

Thankfully it was a sunny day today - cold, but sunny. Not sure why I was so grateful, as I wasn't the one doing all the work, though I did sweep up at the end!

Paul and Mark pegged out the levels and added the scalpings (I find it difficult using the term 'hardcore'!)
Of course I had the most important job - making tea and coffee, and treating the guys to Danish pastries. I know how to look after the workers!

Sky should be paying us for advertising on the blog!

Very impressed by their work ethic - nothing is too much trouble and they make it look so easy! I'm always impressed when contractors take care to clean up at the end too.

We also had a drive-by from Rob Jones of Cardiff Council Parks Dept. Luckily he drove by when I was on site, so thinks I was hard at work, not drinking cups of tea!

The work has inspired me to start work on my own garden which I haven't touched for several years. I've decided to start afresh, so removed all the plants in the main border and dug it over. Better get my skates on now and do a planting plan!
My new Xmas gardening gloves! A bit fancy for me, but they were the last pair left
Gloves afterwards

Disposable Gloves for cat-poo territory!

Making progress...(I LOVE my soil!)

Installation begins!

Well, after several months, our silver medal winning garden is being installed!
Broxton and Moruzzi Landscaping are installing it for free for us!

Work started yesterday, in the rain and freezing conditions. the topsoil was removed and the tarmac surface underneath broken up and removed, along with 4 of the bollards. The site was marked out ready for more work today. Paul Moruzzi and his colleague Mark worked from about 8am - 6pm (and had to put up with me being in the way in the afternoon)! Thank you! Thanks too, to LNRA committee member Louise Hughes who made sure they were well fed and watered, and ran some errands in the morning while I was in work.

HSS Hire have sponsored the security fencing.

4 July 2012

Utility searches complete

Great news - the utility (gas, electric, water etc) searches are back! Cardiff council kindly did this for us - which involves contacting the utility companies with the site location, and they informed the council if the utility is run on the site. I picked the paperwork up last week. Thanks to Will for organising, and putting up with my pestering!

Oh, and I'm giving a talk and slide show about the show garden in work tomorrow! Slightly nervous. I have one hour with no notes so will have to wing it.

20 June 2012

What an eventful day!

Billy and John
I left the house at 8.15am to meet Billy and John, and only just got home!

We placed the planters on station Rd and I've had no complaints (yet!). We have Pelagonium 'Apple Blossom' and an as-yet-unknown central plant! I'll try and find out what it is.

Felt a little bad because this year I bought the guys tea and cake, whereas in previous years all Colin and Johnny got was grief ;-)

 I went to the nursery for 1.30pm and while Fred loaded up the truck with the pavers etc, I did some dead-heading - mind you I was only allowed after a tutorial from Nigel, and to be fair, it was needed! It was amazing to see the nursery in full bloom, with planters etc waiting to go out on display.

Fred and I dropped off the pavers etc to Broxton and Moruzzi's yard. Some of the pavers fell off the pallet, so I re-stacked them into a crate while Fred was otherwise engaged (don't ask!)

So I got my hands dirty twice today. However I have no photographic evidence, so you'll have to take my word for it!

19 June 2012


Met with Murray from Broxton and Moruzzi Landscapers and gave him the drawings and discussed plans for the installation. They are a business at the end f the day, and we'll gladly fit into their schedule as they are installing the garden for free! Just waiting for the utility searches to come back and a gap in their schedule.

Tomorrow the planters arrive. I caught up with Lewis from the LN Traders Association and agreed where to place the planters, which are coming at 8.30am. No lie in for me!

Then at 1.30pm I'm heading off with Fred to take the pavers to B&M's yard in Caerphilly.

A busy day ahead. Maybe I shouldn't have just gone to the pub then! I've spent my day off cutting my hedge and trimming my balls, which always gives me a thirst. Here are the results...Not a bad attempt with my new topiary shears. I'm sure one is bigger than the other, but that's not unusual apparently ;-)