Cardiff Council and Llandaff North Residents' Association have a show garden at the RHS show Cardiff 2012. Afterwards, the garden will be moved to its permanent site in Llandaff North.

20 June 2012

What an eventful day!

Billy and John
I left the house at 8.15am to meet Billy and John, and only just got home!

We placed the planters on station Rd and I've had no complaints (yet!). We have Pelagonium 'Apple Blossom' and an as-yet-unknown central plant! I'll try and find out what it is.

Felt a little bad because this year I bought the guys tea and cake, whereas in previous years all Colin and Johnny got was grief ;-)

 I went to the nursery for 1.30pm and while Fred loaded up the truck with the pavers etc, I did some dead-heading - mind you I was only allowed after a tutorial from Nigel, and to be fair, it was needed! It was amazing to see the nursery in full bloom, with planters etc waiting to go out on display.

Fred and I dropped off the pavers etc to Broxton and Moruzzi's yard. Some of the pavers fell off the pallet, so I re-stacked them into a crate while Fred was otherwise engaged (don't ask!)

So I got my hands dirty twice today. However I have no photographic evidence, so you'll have to take my word for it!

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