Cardiff Council and Llandaff North Residents' Association have a show garden at the RHS show Cardiff 2012. Afterwards, the garden will be moved to its permanent site in Llandaff North.

4 April 2012


Another couple of days without posting, but things are back to normal thank goodness!
I had to put these photos of my little helper painting the second coat of primer on Sunday. I don't think mummy knows the top has been ruined yet. Luckily I took the shoes off!

Monday 2nd
I had a difficult conversation in the morning. All I can say is that timely, two way communication is essential and thankfully Colin and John were really helpful and took the pressure off.

After the school run, I delivered the mural boards and paint to the school courtesy of one of our committee, Margret Ford. Thanks Margret!

Later on I sent off the various forms and the revised client's brief to the RHS which was a relief.

Then picked up my niece from the child minder, which was 'game over' for doing any more work! (I bet any parents reading this are having a chuckle and thinking 'welcome to my world!')

Tuesday 3rd
My sister was due to arrive home from Spain at 1am, but the flight was delayed and I eventually got home at 5am! I discovered that I am now unable to do all-nighters, and was incapacitated for the rest of the day.

Wednesday 4th
I cycled down to the nursery in bad weather for the first time. Has winter returned?!

Then I drove to one of our sponsors, Pugh's garden centre, with council staff Alex, Ben and head of Bute Park nursery, Nigel, to choose some non-flowering plants. Forget having plants grown to order: too costly! I'll just have to buy what's available. We are planting the show garden to give a good display for the spring show. I'll have to leave it until later to purchase anything in flower - due to the weather variations nothing is guaranteed and we could have bought them today only for them to be over or not in bloom for the show, and can't take the risk with our money.

Luckily Nigel was with us and pulled a few strings to get us a good deal - some plants will be on hire, some we'll buy. I just wish he was with me every time I visited Pugh's! I have to email my plant list to the RHS and Pugh's ASAP. However, I physically still don't have any plants!

Back at the nursery, I missed Colin and John who were on lunch, but left Colin the dimensions for the community noticeboard they are kindly making us. We planned to have a metal noticeboard but they cost £3000(!) and we haven't been able to raise that money in time.Therefore we've gone for a temporary wooden one. I think it demonstrates that this garden project is very real. Money is not being thrown at the garden and it's being done on a relative shoestring. I've emailed the show manager, as any changes to the design have to be OK'd by the RHS.
We've applied for a grant though, and South Wales Police neighbourhood policing team are looking out for funding for us.

I phoned the school this afternoon and the children were painting the mural as we spoke! Picking it up tomorrow.

I've just come back from holding an RHS manual 'training' session for our LNRA volunteers who will be manning the show garden over the weekend: covering H&S, recycling requirements etc and the high standards expected from us as exhibitors.

I've also finished the copy for the show leaflet. About to carry on drawing up the final design.

Just realised I haven't eaten since lunch!

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