Cardiff Council and Llandaff North Residents' Association have a show garden at the RHS show Cardiff 2012. Afterwards, the garden will be moved to its permanent site in Llandaff North.

13 April 2012

The big bang!

The show garden build begins tomorrow! I've set my alarm clock for 6.30am and am fluctuating between being extremely excited and nauseous with fear!

The plan is to be down at the nursery for 8am. I'm hoping I can be of some use to Colin and John and not get under their feet while they're rebuilding the garden. Anyway, I'll have the big tea flask ready and some chocolate muffins. LNRA committee member Louise is coming too. Perhaps we'll just stand back and watch the guys work! Just kidding. Hoping to get away at about 3pm for a wash and brush up, then on to the wedding,

I can't wait for Del and Ian's wedding. I'm going to let my hair down and try my best to have an 8-hour break from, and not mention, 'the garden'! Will do my best not to get a hangover though.

The planting plan is the hardest one I've ever done, and goes against what I usually try and design ie year round interest!. I've sort of narrowed it down, but I'm still not 100% sure of what exactly I'll have until we buy them on Monday. I'm determined to have some tulips, but most are over now. However Pheasant Acre, who grow tulips, are also showing and have said I may be able to have some of their excess plants. Fingers crossed!

I probably won't get chance to post again until Sunday. Wish us luck!

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