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18 April 2012

Build: day 5

How I'm finding the time to post today is beyond me! Things really went up a gear. After getting more plants first thing, I arrived late on site. there was a queue of traffic waiting to enter the site and we weren't allowed to park on site today, so had to park at the nursery.

Colin had put up the mural and I'm glad we made the decision to put mastic in between each panel (though I had to climb up the ladder and paint over it). It looks good and seemed to survive the rain we had today. It was really hard work for people on site. My mobile phone got wet and packed up too.
John carried on feather boarding the outside of the fence, while Alex and Ben were keen to get on and plant, but we had to finish any work to the mural and fence before planting.

I placed the main structural plants, then myself, Alex, Ben and Harry added to the scheme. We all know the 'rules' for planting, but it was great having four pairs of eyes as we could spot things that weren't working quite quickly and someone would come up with an alternative. The scheme has turned out better than I'd hoped. The stocks grown by the council nursery smell lovely and we were lucky to have such a resource.

Rob Jones and Peter Hamblin paid a visit just as we were placing plants, and seemed pleased with what we'd done so far.

Ben and I went to Pugh's for more plants (I can't bring myself to tell you how much it has cost and I felt sick when they told me!), and the seat.

By 5.30ish everyone had left but I stayed on and managed to plant up the front section. It takes so long! Alex had warned me. I stayed on 'til kicking out time at 8pm, then came home to paint the community noticeboard sign, make some posters for the noticeboard, emailed Rob (who replied at 21.45- that's commitment!) and update the blog. I Haven't eaten yet!

There was less chatting with the other exhibitors today. One of the guys from the Circle of Life garden came to ours and had good things to say about it, which was reassuring! And when I was telling Chris Beardshaw's team how much my plants cost, they said they had loads over and to come and choose some in the morning!! Like I said, everyone is so helpful and friendly! Apparently Chris Beardshaw was on site today, but that passed me by, that's for sure!

Anyway, just getting ready for tomorrow-  We're being judged at 4pm and I have to be available to speak to them! Just printing off a copy of my revised clients brief that they judge against- to remind me what I've said!

Wish me luck!

Here are yesterday's photos...

17th April: Alex, Rob and Will
17th April Ben and Fred
17th April : delivering bark mulch

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