Cardiff Council and Llandaff North Residents' Association have a show garden at the RHS show Cardiff 2012. Afterwards, the garden will be moved to its permanent site in Llandaff North.

19 April 2012

Build:day 6

Up at 6.30am and onsite at 8am-ish. After planting up the front section of the border last night, I was more worried about Alex's opinion than the judges! When I asked what he thought, he seemed quite happy with it. Phew!

My brain is so addled I can't remember much of today. Regulars John and Colin finished the painting, tidying up and general stuff, while me, Alex, Ben and new comer Anthony planted up. It was hard work! I have to say, the planting is better than I thought it would be.

Nigel and Rob

Rob Jones paid another visit, as did Will and even head of parks Jon Maidment!. Rob reckons if we finish to a good standard we could get a silver gilt! Even if we don't, that means a lot to me! We finished up at 3pm-ish and decided not to carry on in case we made the site worse before assessment.

Talking to the assessors

The preliminary assessors came and spoke to me for a few minutes, then stood in the garden making notes. There's so much I didn't say or explain! Luckily Ben and Alex stayed behind which I'm grateful for as it gave me some moral support. Afterwards I felt quite down as all the team had left and I was on my own and felt I had no-one to share it with as they've done so much of the work.

The assessors in the garden

At 6pm LNRA members Ian, Derek and Margaret came to go over the garden, trying to get the finish we need for that silver gilt! - washing down the paintwork, removing faded leaves and flowers and making sure the mulch was topped up. However, some of the paint has rubbed off in one place, but I'd asked for the stain to go back to the nursery out of the way, so I can't repair it before they judge the garden at 7am tomorrow! Mmm....that's the biggest thing I regret, as I'm happy with everything else.

I've had the best few  weeks ever and realise it's the process rather than the outcome that is the most enjoyable. I've really enjoyed working with the staff I've met on the parks team, and would like to thank them all now:  Rob, Will, Colin, John, Alex, Ben, Nigel, John 2, Harry, Anthony, Mark, Fred, Bill, the nursery staff, and some I can't even remember or didn't get their names. Many, many sincere thanks.

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