Cardiff Council and Llandaff North Residents' Association have a show garden at the RHS show Cardiff 2012. Afterwards, the garden will be moved to its permanent site in Llandaff North.

21 April 2012


Onsite at 6.30am and tickled those plants into submission! The Bridgend course director gave a tip to wet the paving to enhance the look for the judges and I got wet feet as I had to take my boots off, as did Alex.

Went for a coffee in the park cafe while the judges did their bit and went back for 9.30am. The medals weren't awarded until after 11.30am I think.  
It was a silver! After Rob mentioned a silver gilt, I think Ben, Alex and myself were a little disappointed, but as the day wore on it sank in that a silver for my first time was a good result, especially given the judges comments, some of which I didn't agree with, and think were personal preferences. I have to say they were very friendly and helpful, but it was hard not to try and justify my decisions.
We filmed the feedback, but in summary their comments were (mine in beige)
  • Space felt right size for 6/7 people
  • Planting at the back was bitty, but common to community type gardens
  • Stocks running through were a highlight and good quality (well done Nigel and team!)
  • The build was first class (well done Colin and the two Johns! I was thrilled they got a good review because so much of the work for the garden was the actual build.)
  • They would have preferred for the mural tree to have been 'dropped down 18 inches', so as to appear to grow out of the ground (school children designed it, though I could have directed them I guess)
  • Needed eg a solid tree in the garden (we aren't allowed to block the mural)
  • The seating was not heavy enough (we couldn't afford a £600+ seat)
  • Would have preferred the seating to be the same colour as the fence (disagree - it would blend into the background rather than stand out as a feature and we had great public reaction to the seating)
  • Planting needed more heaviness and stronger feel (we didn't have access to larger plants)
So all in all I don't feel too disappointed, except that those last points took away from the build quality and stock quality, after all their hard work.

We had great feedback from the public though, and the star of the show was the Zaluzianskya ovata (night scented phlox), so much so, we had to buy some labels to let people know the name. I reckon we could have sold well over 50 plants!

We had lots  of photos taken, none on my camera sadly, and even had photos with the Lord Mayor.

The garden was manned by LNRA committee members Louise, Derek, Margaret and Ian, and it was nice for me personally to have friends, relatives and colleagues come along, as well as lots of people from Llandaff North.

Just been out to celebrate with my first cooked meal of the week. I'm so tired I'm seeing aurora type lights in my field of vision! I get a lie in until 7.30am tomorrow. Woo hoo!

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