Cardiff Council and Llandaff North Residents' Association have a show garden at the RHS show Cardiff 2012. Afterwards, the garden will be moved to its permanent site in Llandaff North.

22 April 2012

Show: final day

Well, the show is over!

Angela Tebboth, Co-operative Cymru Wales representative (sponsor)
The weather was the worst today and quite wet. Crowds were a bit slow to start with, but picked up later on. Again, we had great feedback and lots of people from Llandaff North came to see the garden. I forgot to mention we've had a few enquiries about other community projects in Cyncoed, Rhiwbina, Canton and Grangetown. Hopefully we've managed to inspire other groups to do something similar, which is what the show garden was partly about, and I've offered my services for free.

More friends, colleagues, and Julie Morgan AM came along today, and my niece who had helped me prime the hoarding panels.
I also managed to get to the other gardens and find out the judges feedback, which was enlightening.

Paul Moruzzi from Broxton and Moruzzi are coming to the Llandaff North site during the week for a site visit to arrange the garden being installed there. They have offered to do it for free, and I can't thank them enough! They've been so helpful during the whole show. I'll keep this blog active and chart the installation.

As soon as the show finished at 4.30pm, Ben, Alex and I removed all the plants to the Bute park nursery for safekeeping. It only took 2 hours to do that, but took nearly 2 days to plant up! I didn't cry - I tried to be philosophical about it, though I'm sure I will at some point. The breakdown continues tomorrow.

I've got eye bags like you wouldn't believe, and I'm sure I've gone greyer! It's all been worth it though - the best few weeks of my life!

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